About Us

Baja was founded in 1997, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is considered one of the most important leading company in the production of all kinds of nuts & coffee. Baja is an industrial commercial company that imports, produces, packs and sells nuts and coffee. Baja has many branches and private outlets that sell and distribute its products to mini markets, supermarkets and hypermarkets.

The beginning of Baja was in 1997, where ideas did not represent any goals or vision of establishing any business of what so ever but to fill my free time, acquire knowledge and gain new experience in my life. The beginning was when my aunt visited my mother and started talking about her son and how he is exploiting his time by selling seeds in crowded squares outside Riyadh in his car. She explained all the important details like how to purchase and sell the amount of profits and sales and the demand of working hours. My mother was impressed. She found it perfect for fulfilling my free time after school especially that it doesn’t require long working hours. Later, my mother told me that story and I liked the idea! I found it useful and a great source of income. And so, I began with the same idea and method but in Riyadh around exit 15. I had sold in the back of a DATSUN with a fabric sign banners hung over the car that show the word “fusfus“. Fusfus in Arabic mean seeds. In a short while, my simple hobby became well-known and had its own customers and demands. However this changed when our limited potentials could not meet the heavy demands. As a result of direct contact with the market & customers, and since the demand of such high quality business that offers the best coffee and nuts, our goals and ambitions have changed. Later, my mother stepped in and asked my brother Abdulelah to be a partner so that he can help me to transfer these simple thoughts to a business. At that time, he had just graduated from King Fahad University and had no job. My mother lent us 75,000 Saudi Riyals to start our business. We opened our first store in Arrabwah district on 20th July, 1997. The equipment we first had were barely basics and its value did not exceed the amount of borrowed money. The rent was included in that as well. However, we were able to satisfy our customers with fresh and high quality products. This was accomplished through what is famous for: roasting products in front of our customers. From that point, our ambitions started to grow. Our first store was only the beginning of a dream to open branches all over the kingdom and other Arab countries and we did and still do. We have reached many of our goals and gained a good reputation which made us stronger and distinguished. I would like to send a message to all the young businessmen: any business is promising and has many opportunities that may succeed if all elements are taken into consideration such as determination, well-defined vision, and finding a competitive feature that draws the customer’s attention to your business.


Baja Trading Corporation Commercial registration number: 1010147255 Date 4/6/1418 (Hijri calendar)


This trademark is registered worldwide with the exact design and colors.




P.O.Box 18994 Zip code 11425 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Eastern Ring / exit 15

Nature of Business

Wholesale and retail business of all kinds of nuts and coffee. Number of Baja employees: more than 750 employee.


Opening (350) Exhibition and Production (250) product in the (15) country.

( 2020)


Production and marketing of snack foods in globally.