Chairman Message

When Baja was founded in 1997, the main success elements of any business project were not available. The budget was very limited (less than $ 20,000) and there were no previous experiences or even information about nuts or coffee. Moreover, no market feasibility study was made. We basically had an idea, a low budget, ambition, and determination. The idea at first was simple but it met with success. Many customers liked it and by God’s blessing we were able to improve the idea of our project many times to maintain our old customers and get more new customers. We were also able to raise our tight budget to a bigger one by investing the profits. It took so long saving money in order to develop Baja’s Project. Our goals and ambitions were always the motive, even when we faced challenges and difficulties; we were able to overcome them. Baja became successful because of the enthusiasm, determination and adventure that lead to achieve goals and ambitions in a short time. From what I mentioned earlier, I answered briefly the frequently asked questions about Baja’s story and the elements and reasons that lead to its success. The website contains lots of information and details about Baja, its policies, regulations and achievements. We hope our experience will help future young businessmen to begin their own new project or develop an existing one.

 Abdulelah Abdulaziz Al Dabass