Stages of the preparation of the products

  • 01Import products from the country of origin

    The products are imported each category by country of origin of him, according to global standards and benchmarks.
  • 02Product checkup in the laboratory

    It is checked before the purchased products manufactured and also after the manufacturing equipped with the latest in hardware and in the hands of qualified technicians laboratories.
  • 03Storage products

    The products are stored in accordance with the standards and regulations for health uncensored and rules of the World Storage.
  • 04
Cleaning and screening products

    It is screening and cleaning products by accurate mechanism and cleaned of impurities lines before manufacture.
  • 05
Roasting products

    The roasting products automatically and daily in the hands of trained professionals of our own standards and controls which is the secret of our excellence.
  • 06Mobilize products

    It is filled products automatically and under healthy conditions even arrive intact to the consumer while maintaining the quality and flavor.
  • 07Selling products through outlets specialized

    The products are sold through outlets owned spread all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) , under the system of unified management.
  • 08Selling products through small containers distributed in grocery the mini markets ,supermarkets and hypermarkets.

    Sale through refills: some varieties are sold via sealed refills weighing 20 gm and 180 gm and is distributed in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and outside the mini markets ,supermarkets and hypermarkets.