Baja Story

From Hobby to Incredible Journey
Baja is a leading local company that produces the finest nuts, coffee, teas and dried fruits of all kinds. Our journey started in Riyadh in 1997 and we are now one of the most pioneering companies in the field, with more than 150 branches and more than 12,000 points of sale. At Baja, we continue to search for the best and promote high-quality local products, whether through our selection process or our marketing strategy, led by a dedicated and qualified team that always seeks to achieve the best results.

To be the top renowned food company in the MENA region.

To bring enjoyment to consumers at all the moments through premium quality everyday food.

Ownership: We have a responsibility to achieve goals through commitment and team work.
Fairness: We treat people with fairness respect. We embrace diversity & accept differences.
Integrity: Apply highest level of integrity, honesty and transparency.
Social Responsibility: We support the community and contribute to social responsibility programs.

From selling Egyptian seeds in a pickup truck to a company currently worth SAR 50 million
Baja’s journey started in 1997 in Riyadh with the idea of selling Egyptian seeds from a personal pickup truck near Exit 15. As time passed and as our sales increased beyond our limited capacity, we needed to devise a new development plan to match our ever-growing potential. We started expanding our business with the launch of our first store in the neighborhood of Al Rabwa in 1997, where we got our competitive edge by being the first to roast nuts directly in front of customers. After the launch of our first store, we opened a series of branches across the Kingdom and the Gulf countries. Today, Baja is considered to be one of the most important companies that produce and sell nuts, coffee, teas and dried fruits of all kinds. And this is how we managed to grow from a private company to a joint stock company by 2014.